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The town of Sárvár, which belongs to the country’s spa route, lies in western Hungary, not far from the border to Austria. Sárvár is well-known in Hungary because of its historical and cultural past and its present touristic and economic success.

n the past twenty years, a great number of infrastructural investments have been realized which greatly contributed to the developing tourism. Among these the renovation of the Nádasdy-castle and the reconstruction of the main square should be emphasized, as well the flowery renovation of the by-pass from the centre to the spa.

Sárvár, as an international health resort, has become a five-star city offering higher living-standards and services both for inhabitants and visitors.

The southern side of Kossuth Square is aligned by a Renaissance Castle, which became a symbol of Sarvar: the Nadasdy Castle, which was first mentioned in print in 1288, but most of its buildings originate from the 15th century. The same square includes the St. Laszlo Catholic Church, with a chapel from the Middle Ages, reconstructed in the 17th century. Southwest from the church, the square presents the town's first school, established by Tamas Nadasdy in 1535. The town hall adorns this square as well. The St. Mark Church is located in Rabasomjen, and the Sar quarter includes the St. Miklos Church with a Gothic tower. An Evangelical Church, built in Classicist style, is to be found in Sylvester Street. The Castle District includes a 16 ha botanical garden, which still includes some plants from the 16th century. Another nice destination of relaxation-seeking guests can be a nice lake with picturesque surroundings, where small boats can be rented to explore its natural beauty.

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