Hegylánc Fogadó

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Fő utca 30.
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The basaltic mountain of Kis-Somlyó stands above the vilage of Kissomlyó. The volcanic eruption did take place 3,9 million years ago. First eruptions were characterised by significant emissisons of volcanic ash. Even eruptive rocks can be found between the layers of volcanic ash. Later eruptions included lava flows, the dark grey-almost Black basalt includes several yellowish clay inclusions, which were carried from a depth of hunderds of meters by the volcano during its eruption. Besides the solid basalt blocks, the so-called "Bread-stone", looking like a cheese, its holes formed by gases of the eruption. Stone layers are revealed by small explorations. The vineyards of the mountain are fragmented due to the Hungarian heredity rights. Typical parcel size today is 0,35-0,53 acres. Majority of the vineyards is cultivated by traditional methods. The white wine produced here has a characteristic aroma, with acids, resembling the wines of the Somló and Ság volcanic mountains.

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