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Hegylánc Fogadó

Address: 9681 Sótony,
Fő utca 30.


Our inn is located in the centre of the village, by the intersection of the Ikervári Street and the Sárvári Street. The village can be reached from three directions, coming from the Lake Balaton 8 kilometres on the left before Sárvár. On the road 8 towards Kám in about 12 kilometres, coming from the direction of Ikervár, Sótony can be found in approximately 6 kilometres.

Opening hours

Opening hours


Monday to Friday 8:00 – 22:00
Saturday 8:00 – 23:00
Sunday 8:00 – 22:00

Nearby attractions

Adventure park of Sárvár

Adventure park of Sárvár

In the proximate neighborhood of the Spa and Wellness Center in Sárvár, an adventure park in the forest opened with high rope courses with 120 stations, a 10 m -high climbing wall, an archery field and a training garden. Sliding on ropes over the lake, stumbling-blocks between the trees in the height of 8 meters are challenging for even the bravest ones. In the park there are not only extreme courses, in the forest you can find two courses for small children (3-6 years) and other 3 for primary school students. The playground and the nature trail around the lake, also gives an opportunity for children to entertain themselves. The rope courses for adults are different in difficulties, so everybody can find the suitable rope course for their own need of fun and experience.

If you would like to visit the adventure park, check here!

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